If you made it to this page, you might want to know a little more about what we offer, what we don't offer, and everything in between. E-mail works best (, or stop in the door.  One of us is always here.


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Where we Are:

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Some questions we get from time to time:

Can I reserve some tables on Friday or Saturday for a large group of people?

We have birthday, engagement, and other large parties come in on Fridays and Saturdays all the time. While we can't reserve space for you on those days, we encourage you to still come in, and we will take care of you.   If you have any specific questions, please email

How about bringing my own cake?

Sure,  small pastries and cakes are fine. But we do want you to bring your own plates and cutlery for your crew.  

What’s the deal with decorations?

While we feel we have a lot of decor, enough for any party, if you want to bring something that will not impede other guests and doesn’t require affixing to walls, please do.  Just not glitter, ever.

Can group overflow outside of reserved area?

While your group is certainly free to wander in order to keep track of your minimums etc it is important that you order drinks with your server/bartender otherwise there is no way to apply them to the total.

Can group “upgrade” space if too many people show?

An island has finite amounts of room and so does your reserved space… extraneous bodies may end up in the reef.

Can we play our own music?

Many islands but only one soundtrack available, ours, unless you want to rent out the whole place then we’ll totally rock out to your mixtape.

Can you offer extended happy or drink specials?

While many things around here operate on island time this is not one of them.

How about outside food or offer a list of veggie and Gluten Free options?

We do offer a variety of options for vegetarians, but individuals with severe gluten options might find our menu slightly less agreeable. Outside food would unfortunately be held up in customs at the arrival gate as we are a full service resort.